Our current menu


Small mixed salad of marinated raw vegetables and
lettuce with a dressing of balsamic vinegar
4,90 EUR

With coffee marinated salmon on a fennel and orange salad
9,00 EUR

Carpaccio marinated in basil pesto, rocket salad
with Parmesan dressing
10,00 EUR

Picandou cheese in a Cashew Crunchy Coat
with spicy Hokkaido Squash Salad
8,50 EUR


Homemade Soups

Clear game broth with game-spaetzle 
and vegetables
5,50 EUR

Creamy garlic Riesling soup
with a spicy Sambal shrimp Wan Tan
5,50 EUR

Pumpkin and apple soup from Hokkaido
with Blue Stilton crouton
5,50 EUR


Classic Ceasar salad with savoury marinated chicken breast, small salad hearts
with parmesan dressig, garlic croutons and oven braised cherry tomatoes
14,50 EUR

Homemade spring roll filled with Hokkaido pumpkin, Thai curry and Cachew seeds
on warm leek and sesame salad
13,00 EUR

Pasta und vegetarian food

A hash brown stuffed with mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli,
with a creamy herbal dip
12,90 EUR

Fresh Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms in cream, young leek and flavored with white truffle oil
14,90 EUR

Fish dishes

Catfish filet on a beetroot potato ragout with horseradish apple sauce
18,00 EUR


Pike perch filet roasted on the skin, with grilled sauerkraut-potato noodles
with a red wine and shallot butter sauce
18,50 EUR


Meat Dishes


Sirloin steak (rump steak) from Black Angus roast beef on root vegetables
and potatoes au gratin
24,00 EUR

Venison steak on creamy black root vegetables and herbal mashed potatoes
19,90 EUR

Pork loin in cream cheese -basil sauce with leeks and
potato-mushroom hash browns
17,00 EUR

Sliced ​​veal liver in red wine and shallot sauce with apple and onion vegetables
and mashed potatoes
15,50 EUR

Strong, hefty and delicate braised meat

Homemade Soljanka with sour cream
4,50 EUR

Ragout of poultry with white mushrooms,
served in puff pastry with a slice of lemon
5,70 EUR

Cheese and cold meat platter,
served with bread and butter
8,90 EUR

Homemade brawn served with sauté potatoes
and a remoulade sauce
9,90 EUR

Minced meat with bread, onios and pickled gherkin
8,90 EUR

Oven roast barbarie duck in its own sauce
on apple-red cabbage and dumplings
13,90 EUR

Homemade filled beef roulade in Pommery-mustard-sauce,
served with apple-red cabbage and potato dumplings
14,30 EUR

Home-marinated joint of tender beef,
served with apple-red cabbage and with bread crumb filled potato dumplings
14,30 EUR

Local venison goulash with cranberries,
served with Brussels sprouts and slices of bread dumplings
14,50 EUR

Two different roasts of stag and wild boar on creamy black salsify vegetables 
and potato soufflé
14,90 EUR


Sweet tradition from Ore Mountains style:

Small potato and curd pancakes, served with aplle purée
vanilla sauce and cinnamon sugar
5,00 EUR

Blueberry filled dumplings, served with browned butter,
cinnamon sugar and vanilla sauce
5,50 EUR

New delicacies:

Parfait of caramelized pumpkin seeds
with pickled cinnamon plums
6,00 EUR

Gingerbread créme brûlée
with plum sorbet
6,00 EUR

Rittersgrün small dessert:

Mascarpone-coffee-icecream on cranberry cream
3,50 EUR

Vanilla ice cream covered with almonds and white eggnog cream
3,500 EUR

Peppermint icecream with chocolate cherries
3,50 EUR

White nougat ice cream with pickled berries
3,50 EUR



Three course menu

Creamy garlic Riesling soup with a spicy Sambal shrimp Wan Tan

Pike perch filet roasted on the skin, with grilled sauerkraut-potato noodles
with a red wine and shallot butter sauce

White nougat ice cream with pickled berries

26,50 EUR


Accompanying wine to the main course

Winzergenossenschaft Meissen (Saxony)
Weißburgunder, dry, 12.0 % vol.
6,20 EUR incl. a small bottle of water